Performed every Friday by a double-act of two Italian artists in Rome, “How to survive in Italy” is the first Italian comedy show entirely in English that describes Italians’ flaws and virtues.
Through comedy sketches, jokes and puns, Fabrizio Mazzeo and Sergio Viglianese will give you some truly excellent tips for how to successfully navigate Italian culture as you enjoy your time in Italy!


Sergio Viglianese

Sergio Viglianese has a great experience in the world of cabaret, he has trampled the most important television stages:
“Zelig Circus”, and “Zelig Off”, “Colorado Caffè”, the first evening of Rai1 with “Sabato Italiano” live and the first evening of Rai 2 with “Suonare stella”. His first appearances date back to 2000 with Zelig on Italia1.
He staged numerous monologues and characters: a guardian angel, a killer, a mad king, among whom the mechanic Gaspare certainly stands out, a typical character of Roman comedy, a characteristic that we do not find in his monologues that have a decidedly national color.
All the repertoire that Sergio puts on is definitely comical, at times very sought after and at times popular, but never vulgar! He has published some collections of his best jokes, some have also appeared on the infamous collections of “Formiche” by Gino and Michele. He has staged and written numerous plays, from which 2 DVDs were currently on sale and distributed throughout the country.

Fabrizio Mazzeo

Fabrizio Mazzeo was born in Erice in 1984. From 2003 to 2009 he attended the theater laboratory of Maria Claudia Massari, a pupil of Marcel Marceau. Over the years he attended some acting classes held by Massimiliano Bruno, Sergio Zecca, Giovanni Veronesi and Rolando Ravello.
In Rome since 2014, he brings to the stage mostly texts he wrote, including “Biagio” (directed by Aglaia Mora), “Occhio per occhio” (directed by Simone Leonardi), “Who would have thought?” (directed by Annalisa Aglioti), “Tommaso – a mafioso in trial” (directed by Aglaia Mora) and “Home sweet home” (directed by Lorenzo Marinelli).
With the short film “Il Passaggio” by Lorenzo Marinelli, he was nominated for Best Actor at the “48 hour film project 2016” in Rome and the award for best acting ensemble (in addition to the nomination for Best Actor) at the “Filmapalooza Festival 2017” in Seattle .
Thanks to the short “Feel like sharing?” (Of which he is also co-author) he won the best screenplay and best acting awards in the “HP Masters of short film” section of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. In June 2017 he won the “Makketiridi” festival at the Olympic Theater in Rome.
In 2018 he won the award for best actor at the Cortinametraggio festival.

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